SkyMap Pro 11 Demonstration Version


SkyMap Pro 11 is supplied on two CD-ROMs and contains over 1GB of data, so it's impractical to make the complete package available for download. What we've done, therefore, is to put together a  demonstration version of the product. This demonstration version, like the full product, requires Windows 98 or later (it will not run under Windows 95 or earlier). The demonstration version of SkyMap Pro 11 can be run on up to 15 separate days, after which it is disabled.

The demonstration version of SkyMap Pro 11 is 7.5MB in size, and comprises the program and manual, together with a small database of 15,000 stars (down to magnitude 7) and about 7,000 deep sky objects. It runs entirely from hard disk, occupying 14MB of hard disk space when installed. The main differences between the demonstration version of SkyMap Pro and the full product are:

  • Only a tiny fraction of the data present in the full version is available in the demonstration version. The full version has some 15 million stars down to magnitude 15, complete double and variable star catalogs, and approximately 250,000 deep sky objects.
  • The full version of the program displays much more detailed information about each object.
  • The observing log and observation planning tools are not present.
  • The use of "external" data (data catalogs and map overlays) is disabled.
  • Solar eclipse maps are not available, although local circumstances of solar eclipses are.
  • Printed star charts are "watermarked" to indicate that they were produced by the demonstration version of the program.
  • The full version of the program is supplied with a collection of over 16,000 pictures of deep sky objects.

Click the link below to download the demonstration version of SkyMap Pro 11. (Please note this is a link to an external download site.)

Download SkyMap Pro 11 demo (7.5MB)

After downloading you will have a file called "smp11eval.exe". Run this program and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. Please note that you can safely install the evaluation version of SkyMap Pro 11 even if you have an older version of SkyMap already installed on your computer; the different versions will install into different directories and will not "interfere" with one another.


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